Catalyzing for community and individual TRANSFORMATION...

Everything you see below are the ways that 121 niches for transformation of the community and transformation of the individual.  In truth, you can't have one without the other. We ache to be conversation starters and hunger creators for the transforming presence of Jesus.  To that end, our tasks and endeavors are all spokes that connect to this missional center––transformation.  Our organizational value is to live and lead by revelation.  

As the Father reveals it...we aspire to obey and do it.   

121 podcast and streaming

We are currently retooling: moving from a weekly radio program to a streaming podcast and video format that focuses on the issues about which 121 is most passionate.  Conversations circling around community transformation, gospel saturation, and understanding the processes of God in spiritual formation––combined with some fun interaction with listening audience!  (Fun and games are sure to be had with lots and lots of unique gifts and prizes….) Our hope is to make the jump to offering a streaming TV piece to this show when we are able.  We will be looking for sponsors, advertisers, and gifts to get this show on the air.  Would love to have your support!


Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.  James 1:27

The vision of the 127 home tours is to bring hope and encouragement to the lives of many children, teenagers, and young adults. While most of the students who reside at the children’s homes that we visit are not technically "orphans," they are tangled up in life circumstances that desperately need the rescue of Jesus. There due to the incarceration of their parents, poverty, abuse (physical and other), gross neglect, (even some who have been rescued from sex trafficking)––our hope is to be another voice, partnering with their administrators and “houseparents”––declaring the rescue and redemption of Jesus over their lives and days.

What we will be doing?

We will spend three days at each home with a full production set-up and will engage in five worship services in a mini-youth camp format.  During the mid-day hours, we will offer a ministry of "atmospheres" that will allow us to have one-on-one interaction with the children, students, and houseparents.  The often hidden and maybe overlooked gem of these tours are the hours of discipleship that happen in the lives of the teens and college students who team with us on this mission.    

121 resources

Produced and published by Scott and Stephanie Reid, 121 resources will be publications created to help believers press into the heart of God in spiritual formation.  Walking into the adventure of being and becoming who the Father has created them to be and become.  

Going in Circles and Actually Getting Somewhere // live on Amazon NOW!

Still Going In Circles and Getting Somewhere // live on Amazon NOW!  

A Hosea Christmas: UnF––king the World // live on Amazon NOW!  (Do not be put off by the title––no attempt at sensationalism here! An honest look at the prophet Hosea’s scandalous assignment and the depth of Yahweh’s love for His Bride, the Church. Please give it a chance! It will remix the way you celebrate Christmas!)

Jack & Jill (a circles series)

scott and/or STEPHANIE are available to speak

Scott and Steph are available to speak upon request. We’re keeping things really simple. You can email us with dates and details about your event or service at….