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A Hosea Christmas, Unf**king the World takes the long view of the Christmas story. More than anything, it is a Gospel story. It is as visceral in the telling as it is in the living. Mankind has been and continues to be fornicated from the Divine Lover. The hurt and pain of our past––our present––our anxieties concerning the future, are the fruit of this. “Long lay the world in sin and error pining” until Jesus appeared and unf––ked the world.

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We often feel like we're walking in circles and getting nowhere. In truth, we are walking in circles, but with great purpose. (Nothing is wasted!) You can know that you're actually getting somewhere! It is a divinely orchestrated journey for all who are called sons and daughters of God. Going in Circles and Actually Getting Somewhere is an in-depth look at the way the Father allows the circles ~ and sometimes even walks us into them ~ and how He can use it all in the life of His kids (like character sandpaper! if we will let Him.) Even now, you are somewhere in the journey. Our hope in writing this book is to somehow help you catch a glimpse of your current location in it, to gain an appreciation for it, and to embrace it with a joyful heart.

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Still Going In Circles and Getting Somewhere

An in-depth look at James 1:21 in light of our journey through Isaiah 40:27-32 & James 1:2-4.

It’s the micro-processes of the Father in the heart of His kids bringing us to the place where we can feel about things the way He feels about them, think about things the way He thinks about them, and act in step with Him.… It’s about the salvation of the soul.

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Jack & Jill

Jack and Jill will be a case study series that will use the concepts and tools given in the two Circles books to aid sincere Jesus followers into finding the freedom that is theirs in Christ. These will wrestle with the specific issues of forgiveness, finances, sexual health, holding dream/vision, and much more. Each study will include a fictional narrative of Jack and Jill living out the challenges of the circles, with "part two" theological underpinnings provided as well....

We are beginning these studies soon––stay tuned!