Pray for us…transition in the works, and we wait with hope….

Ok… so… transparency time. We’ve sifted and been sifted much since the close of 2018. At the beginning of this year, it seemed the Father was bringing a close to this season––(for us, it has been a kind of Isaac). We have been in a place of sad surrender concerning the children’s home tours and have let much of our touring equipment go.

However, we are now happy to say with some measure of confidence that we believe it is to continue. Yet––for sure, while it may look the same to the kids and homes we visit, there will be much about these tours that will be different at our missional core. We believe it will affect much for those who go, while having a deeper impact on the places we visit.

Currently, however, we are looking to replace lighting and sound equipment that we’ve donated and/or sold in the past year, and the need is rather significant. (To be clear, as this has been a surrender, upgrades have also been very much needed after years of traveling with our stuff, and this is a wonderful opportunity to acquire quality production gear at cost effective price points.)

If you would like to help us raise the funds for equipment along with contributing to a minimum operating budget, you can either give now through the donate link or contact Scott Reid by email: